• LTC Smart-Driâ„¢ Ultimate Mattress Protector - Bassinette

LTC Smart-Driâ„¢ Ultimate Mattress Protector - Bassinette

  • $24.99

Living Textiles Essentials

Smart-Dri™ PROTECTS your baby. Smart-Dri™ is BREATHABLE, allowing air to circulate for both safety and hygienic purposes. Easy to put on and remove. MACHINE WASHABLE. The cover is 100% COTTON and FITTED to ensure the protection of the sides, as well as the top of the mattress.

- Smart-Dri™ is made with Liv-Tex™ Advanced Technology.
- Smart-Dri™ has a non-toxic waterproof film built inside to keep the mattress clean and to provide impermeable barrier against house dust mites.
- Smart-Dri™ has durable 100% cotton outer shell, giving protection to your baby as well as the mattress.
- Smart-Dri™ has instant absorption layer that has superior ventilation.
Size 47 cm by 92cm x 12cm
- Smart-Dri™ keeps your baby safer and more comfortable.
- Smart-Dri™ is compliance tested to the strictest standards.

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