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Love To Dream Inventa Sleeping Bag 0.5tog

Love To Dream Inventa Sleeping Bag 0.5tog
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Love To Dream Inventa Sleeping Bag 0.5tog
Every parent will tell you that one of the biggest concerns keeping them up at night is worrying whether their baby is too hot or cold during sleep time. Well finally there is a solution! Parents and babies across Australia can now sleep soundly with the Love To INVENTA Sleep Bag  featuring the unique Genius Cooling System  that allows parents to mo

By simply opening a zip on either the front or back of the Sleep Bag to reveal the breathable mesh ventilation, parents can regulate their babys body temperature with minimal disturbance. This ensures the baby can sleep comfortably whilst staying covered all night long.

The risks associated with overheating, including a direct link with SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), are well established. In contrast, the benefits of sleeping bags are well known, with research showing they may assist in reducing the incidences of SUDI (Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy), SIDS and fatal sleep related accidents. Love To Inventa Sleep Bag is the only one in Australia offering parents all the benefits of a sleeping bag, whilst abating the fear of their baby overheating.

Other key features of the Love To INVENTA Sleep Bag  include:
100% natural, hypoallergenic bamboo lining making it highly breathable with better moisture control and temperature regulation An ergonomic design and superior quality two-way stretch fabric ensures it is a better fit for all babies Shoulder studs and a side zipper for easy transferal, even if the baby is already asleep An extra-long side zipper to make nappy changes even easier A back and front travel slot for quick and easy access to a 5-point harness

The Ultimate Baby Sleep System

The Love To INVENTA Sleep Bag is the third stage of the Love To Dream Sleep System. It follows on from the Love To Swaddle UP  (first stage), which is the only swaddle that allows babies to self-soothe by having their arms up, and the Love To Swaddle UP 50/50 „¢ (second stage), which helps the transition from swaddle to sleep bag for independent sleep.

Our goal from day one has been to help babies achieve longer, better quality and safer sleep time, said Hana-Lia Krawchuck, Company Founder. Through true innovation we have developed a unique range of products simply known as the Love To Dream Sleep System, which will take baby through each stage ofsleep development so both parents and their baby enjoy healthier and happier sleep time.

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