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Brand: Leander
With this soft top mattress you can protect the mattress in the Leander Linea and Leander Luna baby bed.Fits all 120x60 mattresses.Specifications:- Dimension: L: 120 cm, W: 60 cm- Material: Bolster: 100% organic cotton, satin weave / Filling: 100% polyester- Certifications: Oeko-Tex 100- Maintenance..
Brand: Leander
 Stretch sheet in soft and strong organic cotton that is nice and comfy for your child to sleep on.The sheet can be used for the Leander Classic baby cot, Leander Linea baby cot, Leander Luna baby cot and other mattresses too.Specifications:- Dimension: L: 115 cm, W: 60 cm, H: 15 cm. Fits more ..
LINEA Cot Package LINEA Cot Package
Package Deal -14 %
Brand: Leander
This stylish baby bed by Leander is designed with the urban lifestyle in mind. The look is minimalist and precise but also elegant and sophisticated and meets our desire for individual style and expression. The craftsmanship and quality materials ensures longevity and daily pleasure – qualit..
$1,449.00 $1,686.00
Brand: Leander
The Leander Bumper consists of 4 sections that interlock to form a soft padded interior for your baby,  and it follows the curves of the Leander Bed beautifully. It is secured to the rails with velcro straps and has fabric attached which secures under the mattress to eliminate the gap between mattre..
Brand: Leander
A harness for use with the Leander High Chair.   Available in White only...
Brand: Leander
The Leander Cot Canopy fabric is to be used with the canopy rod and cot.  Available in 3 colours.Note: Cot sold separately.  Canopy Rod sold separately...
Brand: Leander
This Rod will fit on the Leander Cot in the selected matching colour.Note: Cot sold separately.  Canopy fabric sold separately...
Brand: Leander
A drawer for the Linea Change Table which can be open on the left or the right side.Note: Change Table sold separately.  Drawer is only available in white...
Brand: Leander
For use with the Bassinet (sold separately) to secure the bassinet next to a large adult bed...
Brand: Leander
With the side-by-side bed you are close to your baby throughout the night. Intimacy and peace create a good ambience for the night.Features:From 0 to 6 months Two-in-one: Side-by-Side bed and stand aloneSide-by-Side feature with doorway. The bed can be attached to an adult bed, allowing your bab..
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Linea Cot + Linea Dresser + Mattress + Matty Package
Package Deal -16 %
Brand: Leander
Limited stock availableCot in stock, Dresser is due in end of AugustThis package includes:1. Linea Cot2. Linea Dresser3. Linea Comfort+7 Mattress4. Leander Matty Change Mat..
$2,699.00 $3,226.00
LINEA Cot by Leander LINEA Cot by Leander
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Brand: Leander
Limited stock on handThe Linea Cot by Leander has the same level of craftsmanship as the original curves but replaced with a more edgy and urban style.  The Linea cot is made with European plantation beech wood and designed with angled lines and fingered joints.  All varnishes and gl..
$1,029.00 $1,099.00
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