Infa Secure Kompressor 4 Astra Convertible Car Seat ISOFIX

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Infa Secure's Kompressor 4 Astra with ISOFix is the A4 rearward facing convertible car seat you've been searching for!

Kompressor 4 Astra ISOFix allows your precious cargo to rearward face for an extended time period, up to a large 30 month old - Accommodating up to a large 4 year old in forward facing mode!

Whilst remaining nice and compact at 44 cm across the widest point and thanks to a new, ultra-low-profile base, it’s also 3.5 cm shorter than the Kompressor II!


  • Compact
    Measuring an incredibly narrow 420 mm across at its widest point in both rearward and forward facing modes, Quattro is the narrowest car seat with an inbuilt harness on the market today.
    Not only is it narrow across, but it also features an ultra compact rearward facing depth, which is great for smaller cars (or taller front seat travellers!).
    And the best part? We’ve kept the internal width the same as our Kompressor series – so your child’s ride is still a supremely comfortable one!
  • Active Fabric
    Kompressor 4 Astra features the new easy-care Active Fabric Astra covers which are hard wearing, cool and breathable.
    The machine-washable press-stud covers can easily be removed for cleaning without having to uninstall the seat, as can the shoulder pads.
    Astra covers are as beautiful as they are practical and are available in three fresh colours - Grey, Aqua and Purple!
  • Air Cocoon Technology
    Air Cocoon Technology (A.C.T.) enhances protection by dramatically reducing the impact forces during a crash.
    A.C.T. utilises a layer of air held inside the entirety of the child restraint shell, offering an increased level of protection across the entire surface area of the restraint.
    Your child is quite literally cradled in a cocoon of air, providing a true 180 degrees of protection to your child’s vital organs.
  • ISOFix Compatible
    ISOFix Compatible connectors allow for an extremely quick and easy install in compatible vehicles.
    The Infa Secure ISOFix connectors feature a unique pull-loop release, which makes uninstalling the seat much easier than counter-intuitive push-to-pull button release connectors.
    When not in use, the ISOFix Compatible connectors are stowed in purpose built, hidden compartments inside the seat base – no messy bags hanging onto your back seats.

FAQs about Kompressor 4 Astra

  • Will the Kompressor 4 fit in my car?
    It should fit in most cars due to its narrow width, however, we recommend trying it in your car to make sure - Our staff in store will be more than happy to assist you with this!
  • Does Kompressor 4 Astra come with ISOfix?
    There are two models of the Kompressor 4 Astra.
    Model number CS8513AST (this model) has ISOFix while CS8313AST (which is also available through our website and stores) does not.
  • Can I remove the head pillow and insert on the Kompressor 4?
    Yes, you can add and remove these as needed as they are only for comfort purposes.


  • Width (Base) 34 cm
  • Width (Base using ISOFix) 26.5 cm
  • Width (Arm) 39 cm
  • Width (Side Wings) 44 cm
  • Height (Top to Bottom) 68 cm
  • Depth (Forward Facing) 50 cm
  • Depth (Rearward Facing) 64 cm
  • Weight 8.8 kg
  • Cubic 0.1863 m3

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