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Infasecure Aspire Premium Infasecure Aspire Premium
4 - 8 Yrs -16 %
Brand: Infa Secure
The Infa Secure Aspire Premium is a Booster Seat suitable for children aged between approximately 4 and 8 years old. The Aspire features an adjustable, locking headrest which enables the seat to grow with your child. This child restraint uses the vehicles adult lap & sash belt. It also f..
$219.00 $259.95
Brand: Infa Secure
The Ulti Bath Stand is a bath stand suitable for use with the Ulti Plus Deluxe Bath(sold separately). It comes complete with a vinyl accessory shelf for storing towels and a handy towel rail. Two lockable castors ensure your bath remains in place during bathing, and the easy folding action makes ..
Brand: Infa Secure
The Ulti Plus Deluxe Bath is a feature-packed bath anatomically designed to support your baby. In-built moulded supports gently cradle you baby in the lay back position, making bath time calmer and easier. The other end of the bath, the upright position, suits older infants who can sit up.Th..
Brand: Infa Secure
Product Description The Infa Secure Babytime Hook-On Chair easily attaches to a table with clamps for stability, and the four point safety harness provides protection while seated. The material seat is easily cleaned, and the whole unit folds away neatly after use, making it a gr..
Infa Secure Kompressor 4 Astra Convertible Car Seat ISOFIX Infa Secure Kompressor 4 Astra Convertible Car Seat ISOFIX
ISOFIX 0-4YRS -15 %
Brand: Infa Secure
Infa Secure's Kompressor 4 Astra with ISOFix is the A4 rearward facing convertible car seat you've been searching for! Kompressor 4 Astra ISOFix allows your precious cargo to rearward face for an extended time period, up to a large 30 month old - Accommodating up to a large 4 year old in f..
$424.00 $499.00
Infa Secure Emerge Astra Infa Secure Emerge Astra
Harnessed to 8Yr 6m - 8 Yrs -16 %
Brand: Infa Secure
The Infa Secure Emerge offers increased protection to your child's head and a gradual recline for additional comfort, whilst impressively featuring Twist & Lift technology that allows the headrest and harness to be adjusted with ease and without the removal and re-threading of the harness. The Emer..
$385.00 $459.00
Brand: Infa Secure
- Nothing is more enjoyable than watching babies relaxing in a warm bath but the   leaning over to support these small bodies brings discomfort so quickly and the   fun of bathing comes to an end.- The Terri Bath Support provides the enjoyment for the family watching bub having   fun. Not only does ..
Infa Secure Quattro Astra Infa Secure Quattro Astra
0-4YRS -16 %
Brand: Infa Secure
Quattro Astra sets a new standard in the 0 to 4 category with best practice safety, practicality and comfort. CompactMeasuring an incredibly narrow 420mm across at its widest point in both rearward and forward facing modes, Quattro is the narrowest car seat with an in-built harness on the market to..
$519.00 $619.95
Infa Secure Luxi II Astra Infa Secure Luxi II Astra
Harnessed to 4Yr 0-8Yrs -20 %
Brand: Infa Secure
The Luxi II Astra is a completely redesigned version of the original Luxi, Australia’s first 0 to 8 convertible car seat.One Seat – Three ModesIt has three modes of use – rearward facing, forward facing with harness, and as a booster seat used with the vehicle lap sash seatbelt.The Luxi II’s rearwar..
$415.00 $519.00
Infa Secure Grandeur Astra Infa Secure Grandeur Astra
Harnessed to 8Yr 0-8Yrs -21 %
Brand: Infa Secure
The Future of Car Seat Safety is here with the Grandeur Astra, allowing both extended rearward facing, and extended harnessing in forward facing. Grandeur: Best Practice Safety from Birth to Eight Years Old Grandeur Astra allows for extended rearward facing up to a large 30 month old, and forward ..
$539.00 $679.00
Infa Secure Attain Premium Infa Secure Attain Premium
0-4YRS -18 %
Brand: Infa Secure
Infa Secure Attain Premium Convertible Car Seat Have you been looking for a compact car seat that also features the best practice safety for your child throughout their growing developemnt? Then Attain is for you! With beautiful Active Bamboo covers, Attain offers safety and comfort in style. Wha..
$549.00 $669.95
Infa Secure Achieve Premium Infa Secure Achieve Premium
Harnessed to 8Yr 0-8Yrs -23 %
Brand: Infa Secure
Infa Secure Achieve Premium is the next evolution in groundbreaking birth to eight years type A4/G Convertible Car Seats. With Achieve your bundle of joy can rearward face for up to approximately 30 months old, and forward face whilst in a harness until approximately 8 years old! You can feel secu..
$599.00 $779.00
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