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Floor Mats

Wide array of floor mats in a variety of colours that not only make it easier to maintain cleanliness on the floor but are also educational for your little one at the same time. Floor mats are ideal for helping your little one develop as they encourage your baby to roll and play whilst offering a great soft option for tummy time.

Brand: Skip hop
The Skip Hop Doubleplay Reversible Playmat is designed to double your choices forba stylish, baby-safe floor covering. The Vibrant Village/Sketch Triangle reversible playmat flips from a colourful road & village pattern to a modern monochrome d├ęcor or print for two looks in one. C..
$205.00 $229.00
They are quality crafted from the most luxurious, dense and silky lambskins of Australia. Wool's soft texture calms and soothes, natural lambskins keep little bodies warm in winter and cool in summer, drawing moisture away from tender skin. They are comforting and luxurious on a playroom floor, in ..
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