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Difrax - BtoB Breast pump * New Release

Difrax - BtoB Breast pump * New Release
Difrax - BtoB Breast pump * New Release
Difrax developed the BtoB breast pump together with a medical team. It is called the BtoB breast pump because it is an easy way for transferring mother’s milk from Breast to Baby.

The BtoB breast pump is the only 100% hands-free breast pump on the market today. It is also super silent and discreet. The use of the Difrax BtoB breast pump is inconspicuous considering you can wear the breast shell under your clothing. So there is no need for you to bare your breasts and you can keep your hands free while expressing!  This mum-friendly breast pump is a convenient way to express your breast milk and to continue feeding your little one breast milk for as long as you wish.

   •  Discreet expressing, without having to bare your breasts
   •  Hands-free expressing
   •  Quietest breast pump, tested by Netherlands Research Institute TNO
   •  Can be used from birth
   •  2-phased expressing (lactating and expressing modes)
   •  Runs on mains current and on batteries
   •  Easy to take along to work or on visits
   •  Hygienic because it can be cleaned in the Difrax microwave steriliser
   •  Appealing and trendy design
   •  Breast milk is expressed directly into the S-bottle or into a handy freezer storage container.

In short, the perfect breast pump for continuing to give your baby breast milk for as long as you wish!


* Excludes the Bottle, please purchase the bottle separately