• Difrax Bottle Warmer

Difrax Bottle Warmer

  • $149.99

The compact S-bottle warmer can be placed within handy reach in the kitchen, on your bedside table or in the nursery. With one press of the button the baby milk is heated up to breastfeeding temperature within just three minutes. The nutrients of breast milk are preserved and there is no need to shake the bottle during the heating process to disperse the heat. The S-baby bottle can be used straight away to feed your baby and retains all the benefits such as the patented anti-colic system. In addition, the S-bottle warmer is portable and lightweight, a blessing for parents-on-the go. It is also a reassuring system for when you are not the one to heat up your (breast) milk and feed your baby. All Natural and Wide Difrax S-baby bottles fit on the S-bottle warmer. 


Product highlights

- The ideal feeding temperature (37°C) is reached within 3 minutes
- Nutrients and vitamins contained in breast milk are preserved
- The S-baby bottle with all the benefits such as the patented anti-colic system can be used immediately      upon heating to feed your baby.

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