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Bumbo Change Mat Bumbo Change Mat
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The Bumbo® changing pad is made from a high-quality foam that’s soft, comfortable and shaped to the contours of your baby’s body. What sets the Bumbo® changing pad apart from other changing mats is the ease of cleaning which makes this changing pad truly hygienic and a life saver in many ways. The r..
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 Bumbo - Multi Seat  Bumbo - Multi Seat
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The Bumbo® Multi Seat is designed for babies and toddlers who can already sit up unaided. The leg openings are bigger, the backrest is not as round and the surface of the seat does not slope, as in the case of the Bumbo® Floor Seat. This provides improved freedom of movement for an older baby..
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Bumbo - Floor Seat Bumbo - Floor Seat
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The Bumbo® Floor Seat is made from a super soft quality material to provide gentle support for babies to sit upright on their own. The deep seating surface and curved backrest of the design ease the baby into an upright position. Many other baby seats have come about since the introduction o..
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