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Bumbleride Mini Board

Bumbleride Mini Board
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Bumbleride Mini Board

The new Bumbleride Mini Board, a skateboard-style stand that attaches to the back of the stroller, offers a fun and dynamic transitional tool for growing toddlers, while also extending the lifespan and relevance of the Bumbleride stroller.


Compatible with the Bumbleride Indie, and Indie Twin strollers, the Mini Board features a slip-resistant deck to stabilize toddlers' toes as they ride in the standing position, holding on to the handlebar; two durable swivel wheels for maximum maneuverability and tracking; and an easy-to-install clamp attachment system.

Compatible with Bumbleride Indie, and Indie Twin strollers. Easy-to-install clamp attachment.  Slip-resistant deck. Maximum weight capacity of 44lbs. Should only be used on even terrain at walking speed. Remove to fold stroller

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