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Bubba Mat Studio - Standard

Bubba Mat Studio - Standard
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Bubba Mat Studio - Standard

This is a brilliant contemporary design and will suit all spaces modern and traditional.

A grey and white course linen design has an appealing feel of style, and looks fantastic on any floor.

The reverse side has our popular modern Alphabet, Number, and Shape set seen on the Sea Explorer design. The warm modern colours and educational focus is brilliant for little learning minds, as well as being a great space for playing.

This design combination has a more neutral focus from the top to reverse suitable for many contemporary homes and service providers. It looks fantastic on the living room floor for mum and dad, and is perfect with the toys and family playing and relaxing together for many years.

This new space carries all the benefits that the Bubba Mats™ are known and trusted for. Soft, safe, non-toxic, comfortable for the kids and mum and dad, and simply wipes clean making it ideal for growing families.

Product Dimensions: 1.9m x 1.3m x 11mm

Weight: 8.00 KGS