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Bubba Mat Sea Explorer - Standard

Bubba Mat Sea Explorer - Standard
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Bubba Mat Sea Explorer - Standard

Beautiful Undersea Theme with Educational Reverse.

Warm modern colours of burnt orange and teal with the soft sandy sea floor, coral and sea grasses. Contrasting against all the friendly sea creatures from Lobster, Crab, and Octopi to Turtles, Fish, the Shark and little Sea Horse. 

This Sea Explorer theme has the little boy and girl enjoying an underwater viewing adventure of wonderful creatures. The top design inspires imaginations and is a perfect theme for our coastal Australia. 

Flip it over to enjoy the simple complimenting Alphabet, Number, and Shape design. With little starfish and shells subtly through the top and bottom borders, the coloured educational tiles look great. 

Working with early childhood development specialists, the Alphabet has been designed for little fingers to trace the Upper and Lower case with their finger tips. Furthermore the numbers also have simple counting dots beside to assist little ones with counting by vocalizing the numbers as they touch the spots with their fingers. 

This is certainly a beautiful design with rich colours and cute characters, and coupled with the contemporary coloured educational reverse; it is simply a mat that is perfect for girls and boys, and will be used and enjoyed for years. 

This new space carries all the benefits that the Bubba Mats™ are known and trusted for. Soft, safe, non-toxic, comfortable for the kids and mum and dad, and simply wipes clean making it ideal for growing families. 

Product Dimensions: 1.9m x 1.3m x 12mm
Weight: 8.00 KGS