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Bubba Mat Big Town' Dwinguler - LARGE

Bubba Mat Big Town Dwinguler - LARGE
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Bubba Mat Big Town' Dwinguler - LARGE

A wonderful car road and town design with a complimentary Alphabet reverse.

This Big Town play mat from Dwinguler™ is in the Large size of 2.3m x 1.4m and is soft and cushioned at 15mm thick, and perfect size for the Castle Playpen.

This is an excellent interactive unisex design for babies and toddlers offering hours of fun playtime. The town buildings and locations full of little people going about their daily lives looks lovely amongst all the softer coloured landscape and looks great in all spaces. 

Turn the mat over anytime to take advantage of the fantastic illustrated alphabet design as your children grow. 

These are a premium range of mats. They come rolled in individual boxes ready to ship. The reversible designs give families some options over the years of use, and they are waterproof so simply wipe clean from dribbles, vomit, wees, food and drinks.


Product Dimensions: 2.3m x 1.4m x 15mm
Weight: 13.00 KGS