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Boori Country Toy Box

Boori Country Toy Box
Boori Country Toy Box
Features & Benefits:
Australian high quality Araucaria timber.
- Provides beautiful finer grain, higher strength and non-toxic. Ideal for cots
  and baby furniture.
- Sourced from responsibly managed, sustainable plantations in Queensland.
Polyurethane finish.
- Stronger finish and higher resistancy against scratch to preserve lasting
  beauty of the product.
- Non-toxic for safety.
Laminated timber on the sides.
- Improves strength and higher resistancy against crack and split, especially
  in the extreme weather.
Natural oil for the Internal finish.
- Preserve the natural beauty of the wood grain.
- Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Dimension: (l) 40 x (w) 80 x (h)42cm.
Please allow 1 - 2 weeks ordering time


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