Have you ever paused and consider whether your credit card data is being stolen when you make online purchases.  There is constant news with companies systems and website breached.  Not only is your personal information is at risk, but your credit card information can be taken and used to make illegal purchases.

We at Banana Baby, do not accept credit cards in our online store.  Your security is most important to us.  We do accept credit card payment in store, in person to ensure your data is safe.

For online purchases we accept BPAY and PayID.  With both of these payment methods, you do not have to enter any information on our website.  You simply log onto your banking application and make the payment inside your banks application.  Your banks website or application would be the most secured form of web security.  No bank security information could be captured when making the online purchase and none of your banking data is ever collected on our servers.  It's the future of safer online shopping.

So, how fast is BPAY or PayID?  Well, this all depends on your bank or financial institution.  If you bank has Osko, then it's fast - the payment will arrive in under a minute – too easy!  Osko Payments lets you send and receive money in under a minute between participating banks and financial institutions, 24/7 – even on weekends! ... You can be paid or make payments using someone's registered mobile number, email address or ABN – easy! Goodbye headaches.

What is BPAY?

BPAY is an easy and secure way to manage your bills with one payment method all through your online banking. You can choose when, how much and from which account to pay from - whatever works for you. With BPAY you’re in control from the comfort of your own home - without having to leave the couch.  

According to research conducted in May, BPAY remains an Aussie icon when it comes to making easy bill payments for all Australians (BPAY, 2018).

  • On average people pay 5 or 6 bills a month, and around 60% of Australians pay those bills using BPAY; and

  • 88% of Australians recognise the iconic BPAY logo, as it’s on nearly every major bill in the country and in almost every internet banking platform.

What is PayID?

  • PayID is a memorable piece of information such as your mobile number or email address, that you can link to your bank account to receive payments

  • Once linked, you can simply provide your PayID for payments instead of handing out your BSB and account number

  • If you need to pay someone who has registered for PayID, you’ll only need their PayID to transfer money directly into their bank account

What is Osko?

  • Osko is a secure payment service which enables you to send and receive near real-time payments on the New Payments Platform

  • The service is available within online banking and the mobile apps

  • You won’t need to look for Osko®, as you’ll automatically be using the service when it is available

  • When you send or receive a payment you may see the Osko® logo in your payment confirmation or account transaction history. This indicates that the payment was sent via the New Payments Platform (NPP) infrastructure using Osko®.

Make BPAY payment with your Credit Card

The bank or financial institution that issued your credit card would also provide you access to online banking or an mobile application.  Within your credit cards online or app, you can still make BPAY payments.  Therefore, you are making payment for an online purchases without ever providing your credit card details over the web - safe and easy.  We are pigging-backing off BPAY’s secure reputation and because it is implemented using your financial institution's own security standards means it’s super safe and secure.