There are lots of baby capsules on the market.  In Australia, not all strollers brands have their own branded matching capsules.  The reason for this is that we have much stricter requirements  and not all manufacturers are willing to make changes to meet our standards.

There are brands of strollers that will only take their own brand of baby capsule.  However, the vase majority of strollers can take the Maxi Cosi adaptor system.  So, the Maxi Cosi adaptor system has kind of became the universal system.  It's best to just refer to the user manual as it should list the exact capsules that it matches.

When customers asked us what the best baby capsule, it's a simple answer - the Cybex Cloud Q.  Cybex is an German brand with modern designs, premium fabrics and functional engineering.

The stand out features of the Cybex Cloud Q is the ability to lay flat.  This is the only capsule that can lay flat while on a pram.  This allow for a more comfortable sleep and longer use of the capsule.  Imagine the scenario where the baby is asleep in the car and you can just detached the capsule from the base and move it onto a pram and then lay the Cloud Q flat to keep baby sleeping longer.  A typical capsule where it does not lay flat is only recommended for baby to use in a few hours the most.  The ability to lay flat on the Cybex Cloud Q will not only be more comfortable but also would allow you to use it longer.

Most baby capsule are suitable from use up to 6 months only.  However, the Cybex Cloud Q is suitable for use from birth to approximately 12 months.  The external design of the capsule is not bigger, it's just clever design that it can accommodate a 12 month baby.  The actual installation of the Cloud Q in your vehicle is more space saving than other capsules.  It's hard to believe, but we have done plenty of these Cloud Q installations and they are more compact and space saving than any other baby capsule. 

Cybex Cloud Q Capsule - Stardust Black

For extra level of safety, the Cybex Cloud Q also has telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System) which absorbs the force of a side-impact collision in combination with the energy-absorbing shell.  The Linear LSP is the thing that looks like a robot eye.  Just pull the one that is close to the door out and it will absorb the force of a side-impact

The fold away canopy is a very effective and function feature of this capsule.  It looks great and actually works.  The adjustable headrest not only give higher level of safety, but easier adjustment of the harness as baby grows.  Other capsules you need to un-do the harness and re-tread it as baby grows.

The installation of the Cloud Q base is more complicated than other baby capsules.  It's not hard, but I think some fitters does assume it's the same as older style capsule and the fitting is completely wrong.  Following the instructions will ensure a correct installation, but it takes some practice to ensure a firm fitting.  Banana Baby has 2 authorised car seat fitters that are experienced in fitting the Cybex Cloud Q.