The Xplory X is the latest release from Stokke.  The 2021 version X of the Xplory has some improvements from previous models.

The frame is completely black.  All the buttons, levers and triggers are now black.  This was a constant comment from previous customers where they have selected the silver or the black frame, yet the buttons were still white.  Note, due to Australian regulations the breaks must be red. 

Previous version of the Xplory included the rain cover.  This is now sold separately.  However, the fabric of the canopy has been improved to be water repellent ability.  The canopy can also be extended by un-zipping 2 sections giving you better sun coverage.  On the canopy is also an reflective strip for increase safety when walking at night.

The leatherette handles are absolutely beautiful in look and feel. 

The newborn insert is an improved design from previous models. 

Stokke logos and brandings everywhere.  Even on the harness straps. 

The shopping bad is removable.