The popular Mother's Choice Adore now has a new big brother! The recently release Mother's Choice Ascend is suitable from birth to 8 years old, fully harnessed to 8 years.  This is the first for Mother's Choice in the harnessed to 8 years category.

Basically, the Adore is suitable from birth to 4 years and has ISOFIX fitting.  The Ascend is suitable from birth to 8 years, without ISOFIX.  Safety standards requires that ISOFIX is only available up to 4 years old.

The Adore and Ascend are available in either Titanium Grey or Black Space.

The Mother's Choice Ascend is shown in the Black Space.  The Mother's Choice Adore is shown below in the Titanium Grey.

Both Ascend and the Adore have adjustable headrest.  Both have Air Protect side impact protection on the headrest.

Both the seats look similar.  However, the difference is evident when the headrest is lifted to the highest level. The height for the Ascend is approximately 86cm, the Adore is 78cm.

The Ascend has a width of approximately 43cm while the Adore has a width of 42cm.

The most important feature to consider is the amount of space it takes up in the rearward facing position.  The Ascend has a length of approximately 76cm while the Adore has length of 72cm.  These measure of down on a flat table surface.  However, the seats may fit differently in your vehicle depending on the shape of your vehicles seats and the recline of the front seats.

The Mother's Choice Ascend and Adore both are really good seats.  They are well designed with good features and quality fabric at mid range prices.  There are more premium seats available on the market where the main difference is higher quality fabrics.  The Ascend and Adore are perfectly priced for the quality of features and built quality.