Joolz Aer is the latest product release from the Dutch company Joolz.  It's their first travel stroller.

This product has all the signatures of the Joolz brand.  The quality workmanship, high end materials and practical design.

This travel stroller weights only 6kg and is suitable for a child from 6 months to 18kg.  It comes complete with an rain cover and travel bag. 

The one hand fold is easy to use making it travel friendly.  The canopy has air vents for extra comfort.


Jool Aer come with an rain conver and a travel bag.  The bag is in red only.

The canopy is expandable with air vent for extra comfort.

Sleek design when in the upright sitting position. 

The handle has a nice leatherette feel. The white button are for closing and opening the stroller.

The Jool Aer is a true one hand fold and open stroller.  It's also very compact and light.