There are so many baby and child car seats available in Australia. If you are after the absolute best and price is not an issue, then we have the list for you. In this blog I am going to list the best cars in each category with regards to the design, safety, quality of material and workmanship and of course the ease of use.

The Best Baby Capsule (0-12 months | Cybex Cloud Q)

Baby capsules are suitable for newborn to maximum 12 months only. They are fitted into the vehicle with a base and the capsule can be removed to be taken directly into the house or onto your pram. The very best baby capsule available in Australia is the Cybex Cloud Q. It's very good. The Cybex Cloud Q baby capsule is suitable from birth to 12 months, has the highest safety standards in this category with a 5 out of 5 safety rating. It's also the only baby capsule that can be place into a true flat reclined position when it's out of the vehicle. It's beautiful in design especially with the canopy and ease of use. The Cybex Cloud Q is the best in this category when it comes to fitting in vehicles with a nicely designed fitting system that also exceed the other competitors. The Cybex Cloud Q retails for $869 and this makes it 50% more expensive than the nearest competitors, but it's worth it.

Cybex Cloud Q Capsule - Stardust Black

The Best Convertible Car Seat (0-4 years | Britax B-First & Maxi Cosi Pria LX G-Cell)

The most popular category in baby seats is the Convertible Car Seats. These seats are popular because it covers the birth to 4 years range. The seats in this category usually can be rearward facing up to 30 months and then forwards facing up to 4 years. The best convertible care seats are the Britax B-First and Maxi Cosi Pria LX G-Cell. Both of these seats are top of the range from these brands. We love the designed of the Britax B-First as well as the easy of use, safety and a choice of Nanotex fabric. However, it's a very big seats and may not be suitable for some mid size or smaller cars. The Maxi Cosi Pria is top of the range from Maxi Cosi with clever smart guide top tether feature that makes it's even easier to use and it's more compact where it can be easily fitted to small cars.If you're going to have 3 kids and need to have 3 car seats across the back row, then buy the Maxi Cosi Pria. Otherwise, choosing between these 2 car seats would be like deciding on whether you want a Mercedes or BMW, the AMG and M series of-course.

Britax Safe-n-Sound B-First ClickTight Tex

Maxi Cosi Pria LX G-CELL

The Best Fully Harnessed Child Car Seat to 8 years old (6mth-8yrs | Britax - Safe n Sound B-grow Tex Clicktight)

The Britax - Safe n Sound B-Grow Tex Clicktight is the best in this category. Suitable from 6 months to 8 years with beautiful design, features, safety and ease of use. As these seats are forward facing only even thought the are suitable from 6 months onward we do not recommend you use these seats till at least 12 months. The Britax B-Grow is the upgrade of the very popular Britax Maxi Guard Pro. The B-Grow is only available with Clicktight for quick installation and top of the range Nanotex fabric.

Britax - Safe n Sound B-grow Tex Clicktight Car Seat

The Best Booster Seat (4-10years | Britax Kid Guard & Maxi Cosi Rodi)

Booster seats are very simple, there are no built in harness, the child just sit on the booster and use the adult seat belt. Booster are only suitable from 4 years and up to 10 years of ago. The best booster available in Australia is the Britax Kid Guard and Maxi Cosi Rodi. The Kid Guard is suitable up to 10 years while the Rodi is suitable to 8 years. A child must be seated in a child restraint to up to 7 years old or until they are 145cm tall. We love the Kid Guard for it's many features in that it's foldable, depth of seat is adjustable, shoulder width is also expandable, however the anti-submarining technology SecureGuard on the Kid Guard can be easily forgotten or miss-used. The Maxi Cosi Rodi is a fantastic looking booster and really does not have much features compared to the Kid Guard, however the anti-submarining technology in built into the body of he seats so it  can't be miss-used when buckling up.

Britax Safe-n-Sound Kid Guard

Maxi Cosi Rodi AP Booster Seat

The best and most expensive car seats may not be the most suitable for your needs. There are factors to consider such as the type of vehicle to be fitted into and how many child seats needs to be fitted into the vehicle. Shopping for your second or third child is even more challenging as there is the issue of your existing car seat(s) that would play a major part in what you can buy and fit into the car.