People always say "Having a Baby is Expensive".  Well, it's only expensive if you chose to spend on high end products.  There is a massive range in pricing for baby products and so is the quality.  In this articles, we pick some of the best quality products at the best prices. We're not about getting the lowest prices and the cheapest quality. 

Baby Car Seats on a Budget

The best option would be to use an convertible car seat.  These baby child restraints can be used from newborn to 4 years old.  This is the most common category of child seats which makes them the highest volume sellers and lower pricing. 

Babylove Comic

The cheapest option is the Babylove Comic currently with RRP $179.  It's a good size and easy to fit.  It does not have isofix, so to fix it nice and firm, you will need to use a locking clip - only $10. 

Babylove Cosmic II Carseat

Mother's Choice Adore

The Mother's Choice Adore AP has all the features of a premium car seat now on sale at only $315.  It has ISOFIX and easy to adjust headrest.

Mother's Choice Adore AP Convertible Car Seat ( Air Protection +Isofix)

Baby Cots on a Budget

It's a good thing Australia has safety standards for baby products.  Be careful not to purchase baby furniture online from unknown brands as they may not meets Australia Safety standards.  The safety standards are there to protect your baby as they do not know how to protect themselves.  Saving money on a cot does not mean you have to compromise on quality and safety.

Tasman Eden Cot

At $249 for cot and mattress, this is a really good furniture.  It is a compact cot, so it will last only to 2-3 years old.  There are also customer purchasing this as a second cot, a size between a bassinet and the full size cot.  It's a perfect solution if you do not have a lot of space for the cot.

Tasman Eco Urban Eden Cot + Mattress (White)

Sunbury Tiburon

The cot and mattress deal is only $349.  A really good price for a full size cot.  It even has a drop side for easy access.

Sunbury Tiburon Cot with Mattress

Baby Prams/Stroller on a Budget

There is so many products in this range and depending on your requirements it can be expensive.  For the purpose of this articles, we will recommend all that are suitable from newborn and easy to use.

Steelcraft Stroll Lite

This is an light and compact stroller suitable from newborn to approx 4 years.  Now on special at on $149.  Some customer use this an a travel stroller but it's just as good to be used daily.

Steelcraft Stroll Lite - Grey Melange

Phil & Ted MOD Buggy

On special at $369, you get so much with this buggy.  From birth to 6 months, use the bassinet with the MOD.  When the child and sit upright, convert the bassinet to a seat.  The seat is also reversible.  The child car be parent facing or outwards facing.  It's light, compact and easy to use.

Phil & Teds MOD Buggy

GB Qbit All City

If you after a true one-hand fold and close, then this is the stroller.  Super easy to use and light weight.  Suitable for newborn to 22kg.  On special at $439, it a good stroller or easy of use and quality.

GB Qbit+ All City Stroller

This is only a brief guide on quality baby products on a budget.  You don't have to settle for lower quality because of price.  Just like fashion, the latest releases and trends tends to be higher priced.  At Banana Baby, we have products for any budget.