I just finish the assembly of the Babyhood Riya cot. There's no point in telling you how long it took me as I have been assembling cots for over 18 years and I am pretty good at this. From opening the box to putting the mattress on it, it should take the average parent over 1 hour. It may take up to 2 hours as you may struggle to put the dropside panel on. A perfect assembly would be one where there is no scratches on the drop side panel - a very common issue where parents scratch the dropside paint work as it is quite hard to put on. This cot's dropside is actually easier to put on than other dropside cots I have done.

The assembly was easy and instructions are clear and simple. There are only 4 types of screws/bolts in the hardware kit. There are easier cots to assemble, however as this is an modern style cot, there are generally more parts than the traditional style cots. Modern style cots has more parts as the designs are more complex.

The paint work on the Babyhood Riya cot is smooth and shiny. The white paint appears to be clean and polished. The natural timbers are paint in a clear gloss. Modern and easy to clean.

The Babyhood Riya cot has 2 level mattress base. In the picture below, I have setup the cot in the higher level - suitable from birth to 6 months. As the child grows and it able to sit upright, the mattress base must be moved down to the lover level. The Riya also comes with a toddle bed rail, which I placed below the cot for storage - be used at approximately 4 years old.

The Babyhood Riya cot with the dropside down - for easy access to baby.

The smooth polished finish of the which paint.

The clear gloss finish of the natural timber bars.

The rounded corners is a feature of modern style cots.