Banana Baby is an Authorised Child Car Seat Fitting station.  All our fitters are experienced in fitting all models of child car seats into any type of motor vehicle.

We fit all car seats, whether it's purchased from us or you bring your new or old car seat to us for fitting.  Our child car seat fitting service is available 7 days a week.

Monday - Friday $40 (Fitting times 10am to 3.30pm)

Saturday - Sunday $50 (Fitting times 10am to 2.30pm)

Just note, parts and accessories are not included with the fitting.  On most occasions, additional parts are not needed for the fittings. 

To ensure baby car seats are secured firmly, we may need to use an gated locking clip ($10) - this is only required where the child restraint does not have ISOFIX or your vehicles does not have ISOFIX. 

All baby car seats must also be anchored to the child anchor points, usually located behind the back seats.  On some installations, there may be a need to use an 30cm or 60cm extension strap ($29.95).  This is required when the anchor point in your vehicle is located too far away.

Bookings are not required, but please contact us if you have 2 or 3 seats to be installed on the same vehicle or check if fittings times are available.