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Bamboo Baby Cot Blanket

Bamboo Baby Cot Blanket
Bamboo Baby Cot Blanket
Size: 110cm x 60cm Discover the softness of Bamboo”

Introducing Bamboo Baby, incredibly soft baby blankets and accessories made from the revolutionary yarn, Bamboo.
Bamboo Baby is an exciting new brand developed in Australia.
We are excited about Bamboo Baby because it has so many attributes that benefit your baby and are appealing to today’s parents who are also concerned about our environment.

Bamboo Baby products are:

Today’s parents are looking for superior products that deliver superior results not just for baby, but for the environment too.
Bamboo baby appeals to trend setting, eco chic parents because of the benefits that bamboo product has for the environment and their baby Bamboo is the new revolution in yarn.
Bamboo yarn has a natural sheen and feels like silk or cashmere. It is super soft against baby’s sensitive skin. Until you feel it you won’t believe it is made from Bamboo!

Size 150cm x 120cm

Colour Options: Left hand side : Sage, Ivory, Dusty Pink, Beigh and Snow white

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