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Babybjorn Harmony Carrier in cream

Babybjorn Harmony Carrier in cream
Babybjorn Harmony Carrier in cream
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Babybjorn Harmony Carrier in cream
Babybjorn Harmony Carrier in cream

Suitable for:

  • 0 - 3 years
  • 3,2-15 kg
  • From 53 cm

What’s special about Baby Carrier Harmony?
Baby Carrier Harmony is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a soft-structured and ergonomic baby carrier with a luxurious feel. A pressure-relieving waist belt and padded back support and shoulder straps make Baby Carrier Harmony incredibly comfortable. The supersoft mesh hugs your baby, and provides a constant feeling of closeness between you both. Baby Carrier Harmony is easy to use and lightweight, and can be easily packed in your pram or nappy bag.

Can I use Baby Carrier Harmony for my newborn?
Yes, Baby Carrier Harmony can be used for newborns (min. 3.2 kg) and up to the age of approximately 3 years (max. 15 kg).

Is Baby Carrier Harmony ergonomic for my baby?
Yes, Baby Carrier Harmony is ergonomically designed to support your baby’s entire body. They sit with their legs wide apart and their bottom in a deep position. And as your baby grows, you can easily adjust the length, leg position, and seat area for optimal comfort.

Why does Baby Carrier Harmony have flexible head support?
Before your baby can hold their head up unaided, it is important to have good support to help keep the head in an upright position. Baby Carrier Harmony offers head support in three different positions that you can easily adjust using the poppers. Use the position that provides the best head and neck support, and lets you easily supervise your baby.

Is Baby Carrier Harmony ergonomic for me, the babywearer?
Yes, we’ve designed Baby Carrier Harmony to make babywearing as comfortable as possible for you! When babywearing your tiny newborn, position the pressure-relieving waist belt around your waist. As your baby grows, move the belt down to your hips to better distribute the weight. The padded shoulder straps redistribute weight away from your shoulders and back, so you can babywear comfortably – even for longer sessions. The baby carrier also has padded back support for lower back relief.

Why does Baby Carrier Harmony have two height positions?
This is partly to provide optimal comfort for your growing baby and partly to enable you to babywear as comfortably as possible. There is one height position for newborns and one for older babies. When carrying an older baby, move the belt to your hips, so your baby is at the right height and the weight is distributed better.

Why should I choose a mesh baby carrier?
Because our unique 3D Mesh is a high-tech and soft-structured material. It gently hugs your baby, and provides proper support for their back, neck and hips. Baby Carrier Harmony is also our coolest baby carrier; because the highly breathable mesh offers cool and comfy babywearing, even on warmer days.

How can I carry my baby in Baby Carrier Harmony?
There are four positions: newborn, facing in, facing out, and on your back. Your newborn needs a lot of closeness. Carrying your baby facing in strengthens the bond between the two of you, while the warmth of your breath and the sound of your heart provide a sense of security for your baby. At around the age of five months, once your baby’s neck muscles have become strong enough to hold up the head unaided, you can begin to carry facing out. As your baby continues to grow, you may find it more comfortable to carry your baby on your back. But as you do not have the same degree of supervision when your baby is on your back, it’s important to wait until they’ve reached the age of one year before using this position.

Is Baby Carrier Harmony easy to use and adjust?
Yes, we know how busy you are as a parent, which is why we put a lot of time and effort into making products that are easy to use. You can quickly and easily adjust all the settings to suit both babywearer and your growing baby.

Is Baby Carrier Harmony hip friendly for my baby?
The International Hip Dysplasia Institute has evaluated Baby Carrier Harmony and acknowledges it as “hip friendly” when used in accordance with the instructions. This means that the baby carrier provides the proper support for your baby’s hips.

Why should I choose a baby carrier from BABYBJÖRN?
Because we keep you and your baby top of mind when we develop our baby carriers. This means they are safe, comfy, and easy to use and adjust. They are also machine washable, can be used for a long period of time, and have a stylish design in fabric that’s extra kind to your baby’s skin.

Did you know that our baby carriers are developed in collaboration with experts?
When you buy a baby carrier from BABYBJÖRN, you can be confident that you’re making a safe choice. BABYBJÖRN works closely with both medical experts and paediatricians, and we always start with the most recent research. Throughout the process – from concept to finished product – we focus on safety and good ergonomics for both you and your baby.

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Babybjorn Harmony Carrier in cream

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